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PUBLIC AI Index: AMR 53/010/2003
6 June 2003

Further Information on UA 130/03 (AMR 53/007/2003, 9 May 2003) and follow-up
(AMR 53/009/2003, 15 May) - Death Threats/Fear for Safety

VENEZUELA Miguel Díaz Loreto (m)
Dinorah María Díaz Loreto (f)
Jairo Alexis Díaz Loreto (m)
Bladimir Díaz Loreto (m)
Alexandra Gualdron (f)

Killed: Enmary Cava (f)
On 26 May, Enmary Cava died in hospital in the town of Cagua, Aragua state. She had been in hospital in a critical condition after being shot six times by an unidentified man on 10 May. A female friend who was with her when she was shot is still in a critical condition in hospital.

On 27 May, a judge in the town of Cagua ordered the authorities to ensure the protection of Dinorah María Díaz Loreto, Alexandra Gualdrón and Jairo Alexander Díaz Loreto. However, it is not clear what measures will be taken and when they will begin. Amnesty International is concerned that no measures were ordered to protect Enmary Cava's injured friend, witnesses to the killings of Robert Díaz Loreto, Antonio Díaz Loreto and Octavio Ignacio Díaz, and other members of Enmary Cava's family including Miguel Díaz Loreto and Bladimir Díaz Loreto.

It is believed that the attack against Enmary Cava and her friend may be related to the increasing number of death threats received by Enmary Cava and members of her family, allegedly from agents of the Aragua State Police.

The family members had been pressing the local authorities to carry out an exhaustive investigation into the killings of brothers Robert Díaz Loreto, Antonio Díaz Loreto and their father, Octavio Ignacio Díaz. The three men were killed in suspicious circumstances by agents of the Aragua State Police on 6 January. Family members claim that the Aragua State Prosecutors Office has failed to carry out an exhaustive, impartial and prompt investigation into the killings and police have reportedly been unwilling to cooperate with the investigation.

According to reports, detention orders may be issued next week against seven police officials for the killings of the three men. Local human rights groups have, however, expressed concern that insufficient time has been given for collecting evidence against the officials, thus running the risk of acquittal on grounds of insufficient evidence.