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 Declaration of the global Coordinating Committee of Press Freedom Organizations, March 14, 2007. 

 The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has made public its decision refusing to renew Radio Caracas Television’s license next May, as the Government accuses Radio Caracas Television - RCTV - of supporting an attempted coup d’etat in 2002. 

 The global Coordinating Committee of Press Freedom Organizations, respectful of Venezuela’s sovereignty, requests the Government to reconsider this decision.  Non-renewal of Radio Caracas Television’s license would deprive its audience of the content and information of their preference expressed over the last 53 years of its operation. 

 The Coordinating Committee believes that the Government ought not violate freedom of speech or diminish the sources of information of the Venezuelan citizens by arbitrarily failing to renew RCTV’s license. 

 Well-established international criteria require that governmental issuance and renewal of broadcast licenses should be non-political, transparent, conducted pursuant to objective standards prescribed by law, and should afford due process to the licensee, including the right of appeal to an independent judiciary. 

 The global Coordinating Committee of Press Freedom Organizations requests the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to follow these internationally respected criteria. 

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