AI INDEX: AMR 53/015/2002     11 November 2002  


Press advisory

AI Index AMR 53/015/2002 (Public)
News Service Nr. 204
11 November 2002

Embargoed for 11 November 2002 01:00 GMT

Venezuela: Amnesty International delegation to visit the country

An Amnesty International delegation is set to visit Venezuela between 11 and 22 November to investigate reports of human rights violations in the country.

The delegates, Rupert Knox, Ignacio Saiz and Roddy Brett of the Americas Regional Program at Amnesty International's International Secretariat in London, will visit the states of Anzoatequi and Bolívar, where they will investigate in particular the activities of irregular police groups.

The delegation will also visit Caracas, where they will meet government authorities, representatives of the police force and the judiciary, civil society organizations and victims of human rights violations. Issues high on the agenda at these meetings will include the human rights violations committed during the disturbances of 11 to 15 April, the progress of the resulting investigations, and general matters concerning the administration of justice and the protection of human rights in Venezuela.

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